“The Runaways” Is Available On iTunes With Bonus Features

“The Runaways” is available for download on iTunes now including these iTunes ONLY special features:

    -”Breaking the Mold: Blackheart Records,” an exclusive featuring Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna talking about the formation of Blackheart Records!
    -”The Runaways,” including interviews with the cast and crew.
    -An interactive discography.

For full DVD/Blu-Ray details go to www.runawaysmovie.com

One Response to ““The Runaways” Is Available On iTunes With Bonus Features”

  1. Mike K Says:

    October 8th, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    Hi Joan I’ve been a playing guitar for about 40 years.I think we’re about the same age maybe older.But I have been a fan of yours for along time.I’m sorry I wasn’t familier with the Run aways,at the time you where out.From the movie I came away very excited about the music of the Runaways.It must have been a dream like atmosphier to be in playing and touring at such a young age.I was playing way back then myself,with Hendrix as my mentor.Peace Joan Love you keep playing

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